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Here is the audiogram from my CI evaluation at UNC on March 2nd.


It clearly shows my right ear (Os) versus my left ear (Xs).  And shows that above 2000 Hz there was no response.  That’s one change in the last 10 years - I used to have a response at 3000 Hz.  (Edited to add: Maybe not, the only audiogram I have that shows a response at 3000 Hz was in 2006 when he tested down to 120 dB).

Also to note, the (Ag) marks are With my hearing aids.  Normal hearing would be anywhere from 0Hz to 25Hz.  I think my hearing aids could probably be boosted a bit to help with the ranges that I can hear.  It seems like needing 50dB at 1500 Hz and 65 dB at 2000 Hz isn’t helping me a lot.  I’m planning to get someone to adjust my left hearing aid for me following surgery, and the right one too if I have any residual hearing left in the implanted ear.  I think I can wear the shoulder / sports CI processor with my current BTE aid to see if I like how that sounds.  If I do prefer that setup I will look into an in the ear aid to use with the CI processor - or maybe the FDA will approve MedEl’s DUET and I can get one of those instead.  Doesn’t seem likely to happen for a while though.  Anyone have any updates?

As for speech discrimination, the audiologists didn’t include my bilateral scores on the sheets they gave me.  They said this is because they were too high on HINT sentences in quiet (I think 60%).

For individual ears they included these results:



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