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In the past few weeks since I started this blog and really started looking for other CIers to connect with I’ve been amazed at how many people are in the same place I am.  Surgery dates a week before mine, or people visiting the same CI center I am.  People who went ot the same college as me, or people who have shared a similar existence.

Different experiences too.  Two people I talk to on IM are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  One is a girl who is hearing and wants to be (and will be!) part of the Deaf Community.  The other is a guy who is oral, knows no sign, and yet doesn’t think CIs are a better solution than hearing aids.  I know you’ll both read this :) so, thanks for being a friend and sharing my moments with me.

For the first time in my blogging history I feel like making a “blogroll” list of people I not only read, but connect with.  I always felt that we all have RSS readers, why do we need a blogroll?  And yet, I want to share not just my story, but the story of my new friends with other readers.

It feels like we’re all part of some class or grade. Those of us getting our first CI now are the incoming freshmen. Those of you who have had yours for a while are upper classmen. Bilateral CI users are a different class, and children with CIs will be the AP students by the time they are old enough to read and write blogs.

Sometimes I have felt left out of the whole CI thing happening.  I saw connections like this formed among people of last year’s class or the year before.  It’s amazing that it’s me now.

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