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I’ve been poking at things all day. First it was a nice glob of dead skin that loosened up in my implanted ear. Probably a cross between surgery and just not wearing an earmold for a few days.

Then my bandage started sliding down over my eyes and my hair is slipping around it in many placed. Like a little girl who wears the same braid for a few days, it gets messy.

Well just now I was running my fingers along my scalp above the bandage and hey, there’s a bump here. That’s weird. It’s definitely not matched on the other side.

Turns out that’s the implant. I’d guess it is an inch or so above the top of my ear but I can’t tell because the bandage still covers my whole ear. I guess I didn’t realize that it could be so far above the incision and my skin was stretched down over it.

Well I guess they did something to me after all. Though Don’s response to that is “I could put a lump on your head!”

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Date: 2009-05-04 04:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The lowest point of my implant lump has moved down to about two and a quarter inches below the incision point. Of course, we're talking different implants.

Out of my own amusement, have you considered yourself to be a cyborg?

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