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Where does the time go?

From the Monticello Naturalization Ceremony on July 4, 2008

July 4th weekend my parents stopped to visit us here in Charlottesville.  I had a band concert that Thursday night and another on the morning of the Fourth of July at Monticello.  It’s always moving to see the naturalization ceremony conducted.  Last year the guest speaker was the president (which one? not important. ;) ) and security was tight. The helicopters flew right over our house to land at Monticello and the band had to be there hours and hours early.  This year was much more calm.  My parents and I actually drove ourselves and parked at the visitor center.

By the end of that concert a lot of us were quite burned out on marches. Especially Sousa!  But the audiences were very appreciative.

IMG_1611.JPGIt wasn’t very hot here that weekend, but we decided to spend and afternoon hiking around Sugar Hollow reservoir which features several good swimming holes.  I ended up not swimming.  The water was cold!  But the hike was lovely and the crowd of people swinging on the rope into the water was entertaining

More music happen that Monday! CASE played a gig at a local assisted living center.

After my parents left I only had 3 days of work before my “long weekend” trip to Maine with Don to visit his family.

His family lives in the area known as Down East Maine.  We had an easy and short flight from Charlottesville (CHO) through Philadelphia to Bangor.  All together it was only 3.5 hours from take off to getting the rental car.  Amazing.  I’m used to trips taking at least 6 hours and usually more.  Once we arrived in Bangor we still had 2 hours of driving to get to where Don’s family lives, but that is a fun part of the trip.

It was about lunch time so we stopped for… lobster rolls!  Of course!  There’s a road side ice cream stand snack shop that looks just like the ones you’d find anywhere else, except they have the Maine specialty.  So good.

We also stopped at a grocery store and stocked up on wine.

Don’s family own a camp on a small lake that is about half an hour from their house.  The camp is fully equipped, just isn’t insulated enough to be used except when it’s warm outside. I love coming up here because it is just so beautiful and peaceful. The sun rises at 5:00 am and the camp has a clear view straight North which means this time of year you get sunlight most of the day. Early to bed and early to rise is the motto when we’re there and sleeping in means staying in bed past 7!  I was also asleep by 10 every night.

We visited the beach, watched lots of sunsets, swatted mosquitoes, and of course, ate more lobster.

IMG_1747 IMG_1751 More Maine Lobsters

On a hearing related note, everyone up there seemed to be talking very loud all of the time.  If I wasn’t 2 months post activation with my cochlear implant I don’t think I would have been able to cope.  As it was, taking off my CI and hearing aid to go swimming did not bother me At All.

IMG_1681 IMG_1682

Nieces and Nephew – Aren’t they cute? :)

Don’s dad is planning on getting hearing aids soon. Apparently he has been turning the TV up louder and louder and was told he should have his hearing checked. I’m curious to see how he does with them. I won’t be surprised if he enjoys slipping back into silence quite often.

So we swam in the lake every day in Maine. I took my shorty wetsuit and the kids picked on me about looking like I was going diving.  But hey, I stayed much warmer than in previous years.  When it’s barely 70 degrees out and the water is about that temperature it’s nice to have some extra warmth.


Now we are back home and I have just three weeks until my next fun adventure. In the mean time I’m waiting to see how many trips I can be sent on for work in that time. One, Two, or hopefully None.

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It’s been a lovely lovely spring the last few days.

The tulips and flocks have been out.

IMG_8276 IMG_8265
Sunny Mowing It's alive!

Betsie has been keeping the lawn mowed short.  Even the baby white clover I planted for her to chew on is doing great.  I just scattered it around by hand - we’ll find out soon if this was a bad idea or not.  I’m just happy that something is growing in that bare dirt shady area!

Our new deck furniture is just wonderful despite being covered in pollen at the moment - this puts us about 3 weeks behind the folks in Chapel Hill, NC as they had excess pollen when we visited.

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I was messing around with Google Docs today and decided to make a Google Docs Form that could let anyone who wanted to share their audiogram and see how it relates to others. Then I started playing with Google Docs charts and came up with a way to display the data. I found lots of limitations, like I had to make the dBs negative to have the scale go from top to bottom instead of bottom to top.

Not sure what my plans for this are, but feel free to fill out the form. :)

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Another work trip
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First gorgeous day at home since February and I spent it traveling. There was even snow on the ground here to greet me. How nice!

I’m in the great state of Illinois to do some acoustical testing for our insulation research project. The material is very good fire insulation but we need to know how it does with sound too. I’ve done a dozen fire tests now but this is my first acoustic test. I find it a comfortable area though since I’m familiar with decibels and frequency charts. Instead of speech recognition we test transmission, ie sound passing through it and absorption, ie how it stops sound bouncing around.

I’m not sure what the sounds sound like yet. I’d guess some high tech noise of many frequencies, but maybe they do it at various frequencies separately. (Maybe I should do my homework tonight and read the test

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Earth Hour

Mar. 28th, 2009 05:59 pm
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Earth Hour
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