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Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation | Video on

I love the talks at  Not only do they have subtitles in multiple languages on I think ALL videos, they are recorded in such a perfectly clear and high quality way that I can understand them without the subtitles.  Even on my tiny laptop speakers I understood a large part of this talk just now.

I wish I had watched this when I first found the link to it a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I watched it now. The part that starts around 15 minutes talks about ROWE – a results only work environment.  It’s a very quick summary but very effective in the example he calls out.

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A month or so ago I was contacted randomly on Twitter by a guy named Dan Schwartz. We chatted a bit and it was a somewhat interesting conversation but the guy was obviously closed minded, ignorant and opinionated. When he called someone a cu*t I un-followed him. When he started going off on someone about Deaf culture, I blocked him. I figured that would be the end of it, but he’s still bothering me and a lot of other people.  I feel like it’s my duty to at least try to warn them… or something.  I know, I know, Don’t feed the troll… but when something bother’s me, I’m likely to blog about, and who knows, maybe someone else will appreciate it too.

My biggest problem with this guy is that he searches for ANY person on Twitter who mentions hearing aids, hearing loss, deafness, cochlear implants, a kid with a hearing loss,  etc - he contacts them, and if he doesn’t agree with them, he starts bashing them.  When HE was the one who made the initial contact!  Who does that??  And once you’re on his radar he keeps talking about you even after you’ve blocked him. For example:

Too bad Sara @sajego regards me as a troll: Her blog is excellent, telling me, a fellow Engineer, what to expect if/when I get a CI. (link)

@deaf258 By the way, tell your friend Sara @sajego that 2=2 does NOT equal five: She hosed herself with her DIY “engineering” (link)

This is the conversation that was the most unbelievable - starts of friendly and deteriorates rapidly.

@spunkyfirefly Besides Marlee Matlin, name ONE successful Deaf person. You’ve abused your daughter by refusing to fix her broken hearing. (link)

@etoile @ckoontz @sajego: If @spunkyfirefly were here in NJ,I’d make a call to my friend who is a supervisor at DYFSS. And I’m serious ,too (link)

I’ll let the rest of these speak for themselves, but note that I only read back a day or two to find them all.

@deaf258 I don’t care WHAT you do with your life. BUT, when you pour Deafie lies & propaganda on others, I draw the line.  (link)

@Ken702 In the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few Deaf jihadis come after me. I’llrespnd in a day or so on my (London) blog (link)

@sonatina2001 Amen, Sister. I put it differently: I’m *fed up* w/people who won’t fix their broken ears; or worse, a child’s broken ears! (link)

@sonatina2001 I said CHILD ABUSE! And I shouted that so #Deaf & #Gally would hear me. They should have closed #Gallaudet years ago! (link)

@deaf258 I know d**n well what Gallaudet is: I’ve been to their campus several times the last 20 years. Gally=Nasty Person. (link)

@deaf258 @etoile & others: I’m *fed up* with “Deaf” culture & their jihad, especially against hearing parents of a hearing impaired child! (link)

@deaf258 @ZenMonkey & others: I’ve been dealing with those jerks for over 20 years. Screw them AND their “culture” more backwards than islam (link)

@deaf258 @xtopher1974 @ZenMonkey &c. I have many deaf friends - But no “Deaf” friends. Just like islamo-fascist terrorists, I keep them away (link)

To the 7 new followers in the last hour both hearing impaired & hearing, Welcome Aboard! And to all of you “Deaf Culture” trolls, Get Lost! (link)

Ironically he’s telling people he doesn’t agree with to get lost, but he’s the one who keeps talking to/about them.  YOU get lost, Dan.

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Raining, sunshine and birds

We were covered in pollen which coated the new patio furniture no matter how often you brushed it off. When it started raining four days ago we were relieved. Everything was now so fresh, green, cleaned off. Today was the fifth morning to wake up to gray skies. It poured last night. A huge thunderstorm. I heard the thunder, a low beepy sound that I didn’t place until my friend asked if I had heard it. I heard the rain on the roof too.

About an hour ago the sun came out. The deck chairs are soggy and dripping but the boards of the deck are already dry from the sun.

Birds. They were what I told people who insisted on knowing what I wanted to hear with my implant. Well folks, complete success here. They might be robotic birds or synthesized birds, but they are definitely birds.

I need to learn to recognize them. One is most dominant. Almost sounds like a phone ringtone.


The others are less distinct and more chirps rather than a long song.

(Edited to add:  I think it’s a mockingbird. But he’s only doing one song, so maybe it’s one of the birds that he’s mocking.)

When the wind blows I can hear rain falling from the trees. Water has the most complex sound I’ve encountered. Flushing the toilet should be something every newly activated CI patient is warned about. Picture a keyboard on an organ voice which sustains as long  as a key is pressed and then picture a child leaning across the upper half of it pressing all the keys at once.  That is the toilet flushing.

Everything is still sounding very robotic and synthetic. I’ve been reading The Count of Monte Cristo on my iPhone for several weeks and now have it on tape to listen to as I read. Sometimes my eyes wander ahead of the reader and when I realize it I will be lost momentarily. But I haven’t yet been unable to find my place.

Despite all the robots and scifi sound effects of the whole world, I can tell there is great potential. In noise, the car and even when we dined at a packed restaurant before a big concert we had forgotten, I could still distinctly hear Don’s robot beeping over the din. I
couldn’t understand him any better than I can in quiet, but I could separate him from everything else easier than I Ever have been able to with hearing aids. I hope that doesn’t change when the robots leave me for chipmunks and quacking voices.

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I was going to add this to the previous post but decided to start a new one here:

Hearing preservation was a goal of mine and my surgeon going into my CI surgery. We did implant the worse of my two ears, but I had a fairly significant amount of hearing in the lower frequencies. As a musician I’ve found that hearing aids work pretty well for music, so why not try to save that hearing?

They used the MedEl Medium electrode which contains 12 electrode pairs spaced more closely than the normal MedEl deep insertion electrode. For me, the electrode array was only inserted to 10 of the electrodes as deep as 20mm in order to save my low frequency hearing. Even so, this should give me plenty of stimulation from the CI alone.

On a related note, I finally understand exactly why I didn’t qualify for the MedEl Hybrid CI trials. The hearing aid part of the DUET processor is not designed for a profound loss. Simple as that. It doesn’t mean that I’m not a good hybrid candidate, just that the technology they are using is not as powerful as I would need. A regular hearing aid worn in conjunction with the CI processor would give me a similar listening experience as the hybrid, and we will be looking into that if it turns out that I have a lot of residual hearing left and like the way things sound.

I don’t have an activation date yet - but I think it will be some time next week. I’m scheduled to see the surgeon on Monday afternoon but we will be calling them on Monday morning to see if it is necessary to make the trip (3.5 hours each way) down there just to have my bandage taken off. One thing I missed in my drugged state post-op was that the surgeon told Don that we could remove the bandage ourselves “after the weekend” (Sunday night? please?). If all looks like it is healing fine, why drive that far for a 5 minute checkup? The main waiting point for activation at UNC seems to be the amount of swelling that you have - the magnet won’t stick if there is a lot of swelling. So my tentative plan is to reschedule for later in the week and do the post-op checkup and initial activation at the same time. We’ll see what they say Monday morning.

I’ve been very fortunate that my company has a short term disability benefit. I don’t need to return to work until I am quite ready. I have some reports to catch up on though so will probably work from home this coming week. I feel pretty good, but definitely don’t want to find myself in the (filthy) test lab gluing fiberglass cloth onto insulation until things are totally healed up.

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Surgery went fine. Everything fine. I just got home (8:30pm) - exactly 12 hours after they took me into the OR.

Where’d my 12 hours go? Well, 3ish hours for surgery, 4ish hours to wake up enough to be able leave (did I tell you I spent 10+ hours in the car yesterday between work and driving to UNC?) an hour or so to actually do the leaving, and 4ish hours to get back to town, fill the prescriptions, pick up ice cream and come home.

The first dose of Percocet wore off 3.5 hours ago and I took Tylenol in the car (around 5:30? gotta pay attention, Don says 5:50).

The Percocet made me feel awful, so I’m planning on taking it unless I’m still awake and can’t sleep 5 hours from now. He didn’t prescribe an anti-nausea medicine I don’t think…. haven’t read the details on the packages yet.

The subject line of this post is, of course, a quote from Miss Scarlett O’Hara. It doesn’t apply to me now, but it was exactly what I was thinking all through my drives yesterday and the 3 hours of waiting between waking up and being taken in this morning.

The biggest, no the ONLY, mistake of the day was giving Don the wrong phone number for my parents. They had to wait an extra hour to hear from us because I wasn’t awake enough for him to explain that the number wasn’t working. The first hour and a half I was keeping my eyes open for 5 seconds at a time, the second hour maybe 20 seconds as I was able to Tweet on twitter at that point, but only once. The third hour I was up to a minute maybe, but still definitely struggling. I remember thinking “why should I wake up when I’m just going to sleep in the car all the way home.” It was after 3 when I got my clothes back and Don went to get the car around 3:15 or so.

The laptop screen is making me a bit dizzy, but my iPhone seems to be better.

This post is way too long anyway, how will I convince any of you that I feel gross?

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Apr. 17th, 2009 08:41 am
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Growing up in upstate New York  one of the surest signs of spring was the lilacs blooming.  Rochester even has a festival celebrating lilacs ( but it won’t start until the 2nd week of May.  Here in Virginia there are so many spring flowers.  In March we had daffodiles and the earliest flowering trees. Now those are gone and the azaleas are starting to bloom.  The red bud trees flower all over in the woods but will soon be gone.  It was nice to run into a couple of lilac bushes on my walk at lunch today.  I’ll have to see if I can figure out where to plant one.

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