Oct. 3rd, 2001

sajego: (hatch)
I wish I knew what was up with the apartment. Knowing Tom, this will seem to blow over. I called Volena yesterday and asked her to email me if she could. She did.. said that she had such a strong dose of 'cat' when she visited the other day that she didn't blame Tom for being upset.

I asked her specifically if she was going to be doing spot checks... what I needed to work on... she wrote back saying to take care of the litter box every day and get air fresheners. I did that today. She didn't answer any of my questions about what else I needed to do as far as staying or leaving.

On my way to Steve's I ran into my neighbor who lives next door. I'd met and talked to her a few times before.. she is outside in the yard a lot with her puppy, Henry. I told her that I was probably being kicked out of my apartment because of my cats and she assured me that it wasn't me. Suggested that I walk around the neighborhood and look at 'For Rent' signs. There's always a lot of them. She said Volena has never complained about her cat or dog... but she has had roommate problems in the past too.

At least I've got great friends. *hugs ya'll*

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