Jun. 8th, 2001

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Well I've been neglecting everyone the past 2 days. Work has been busy/exciting. The wave pool opens on Saturday and so its basically crunch time... finishing up all the lose ends.. making sure the Chlorine levels stay balanced.

Then on Wednesday my friend Jayme and his two friends came by. They're on a road trip from Virginia... were in Chicago Tuesday night and Rochester Wednesday and last night. Its really good to see Jayme again. I've missed him. Will write more on that later.

Now I'm at school. I'm taking one lab this summer. Thermal Fluids II... its taught by a grad student.. but he's specializing in this area. In fact, in class today he practiced his presentation that he has to give at a convention next week. We are basically going do be doing their research experiment as a lab next week. Should be interesting. Using high speed photography to look at water droplets... not sure how this is useful... but apparently it is for something.

Might go swimming at work today :) Its warm out, and that wave pool looks so tempting.

Going to do something with Paul tonight... don't know what yet. Better make plans or we'll just sit around playing with the cats. They've been spoiled the last 2 days having so much attention already.

I want to get a darien lake season pass.. the price goes up next week. I think I can find 2 other people to go with me... maybe that's what Paul and I should do tonight. :)

I lost a bet to Jayme and had to sleep on the loft last night.

Oh there he is.. time to go :)
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Finally! Yay LinkSys! I can run my servers again :)

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